The Pax 3 & Three Marijuana Vaporizers You Need to See to Believe

Health experts recommend cannabis vaporizers over smoking when using marijuana. While there are many portable dry herb vaporizers on the market, some models and brands have become favorites with people who use marijuana. These marijuana vaporizers perform well, are easy to keep maintained, and although they’re hardly disposable, they’re priced right. The newest model of 2016 is called the Pax 3 Vaporizer.

Pax 3

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One of the coolest features about the new Pax vape is that it heats up in as little as 15 seconds, making it one of the fastest warm up times in comparison to all other portable units. This incredible battery makes it twice as strong as the previous Pax 2 model. Additionally, it is backed by a 10 year warranty giving you full protection and security over your purchase. Perhaps the greatest new feature of the Pax 3 vape is that is now compatible with your concentrate material in addition to dry herb herbs!

Marijuana is now legal in many places, and medical marijuana has been prescribed for many ailments. It’s still smart to show discretion when vaping in public, because herbal vaporizers of all kinds are poorly understood by the general public. Vaping avoids all the smell and smoke that any kind of smoking produces, so there’s no reason to bother anyone when using marijuana vaporizers, or to let them bother you. Here are  the other three marijuana vaporizers you can buy right now that work great while keeping a low profile.


The Indica is easily the most anonymous of the cannabis vaporizers we’ve seen. When it’s closed it looks exactly like a Zippo lighter. Don’t let its small size fool you. The Indica hold a quarter of a gram, which is good for 20 or 25 vapor inhales on a single fill. The Indica’s size doesn’t mean it’s not powerful, either. It easily reaches over 400 degrees in a hurry. It has an LED indicator to let you know how much juice you have left before recharging.


The Haze vaporizer is a nifty dual herb vaporizer that has a nifty style sense somewhere between Star Trek and an Art Deco flask. If you know your way around your dry herbs, you know that different blends need different temperature settings, and the Haze vaporizer has four. It doesn’t really matter if your vaping supply is dry or sticky, hard or soft; the Haze can handle it. It’s an amazingly complex little unit, with both conduction and convection heating to make sure you get the most vapor out of every load.

The Haze vaporizer is the only unit on the market that can vaporize two separate materials at the same time. It has a low-key but easy to read LED display to indicate the temperature setting. The Haze heats up as fast as any weed vaporizer on the market, and can last up to six hours on a single charge.

The Haze vaporizer isn’t cheap, but it’s built to last. It offers a 10-year warranty, so it could very well be the last cannabis vaporizer you ever purchase.

Atmos Transporter

The Transporter is another unit with a modified flask shape. Atmos makes traditional vaporizer pens like the Atmos RAW and the Atmos Boss, but their new line of Transporter portable vaporizers is getting a lot of attention among people looking for marijuana vaporizers. The Transporter has a beautifully engineered anodized aluminum exterior. Looks are fine, but it’s the inside that’s getting all the attention. The Transporter has an amazing ceramic vapor chamber that doesn’t have the usual heating coils. Instead, there’s a powerful embedded heating element the gives incredibly even vaporization.

The Atmos Transporter holds up to 2 grams, and since it vaporizes everything you put in it evenly, you’ll save money on herb.

Any of these marijuana vaporizers will do a superb job of  producing vapor, but they also offer great build quality, long warranties, and good battery life to go along with their powerful performance.

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